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And the Winner Is . . .

July 6, 2011

Is there a more recognizable logo than Starbucks? When we pass one (practically on every corner) my 3-year-old shouts out, “Mommy, that’s your coffee!” Yep, it is.

Starbucks represents so much . . . creamy taste of heaven . . . girls night out . . . a bad day made better . . .

My mouth is watering—is yours?

Well, today is THE day—the day to announce the 3 amazingly awesome winners of my first-ever bribe contest!

This is a team effort as my daughters are helping today. Mary-Allison has carefully written the names (thousands of them!) on pieces of paper. Mia dutifully ran to find her sun hat to use as a prop; I folded the papers neatly; Mia mixed up all the entries; and Mary-Allison is going to pull out the three pieces of paper.

Here goes . . . good luck ladies and gentlemen!

OK . . . well, the girls are fighting over who holds the hat. Let’s not hit, girls. Excuse our bit of drama. Mia is going to hold it. So now she’s dropped it. Let’s get all of the pieces of paper back in. That’s it. Get that one behind the desk . . . there it is . . . right there . . .

NOW I think we’re ready. Drum roll please . . .

Winner #1 is ELAINE from Tennessee!! Congratulations, Elaine!

Winner #2 is KIM from Ohio!! Yay, Kim!

Winner #3 is DEIDRA from Ohio! Woo-hoo, Deidra!!

Congratulations to all the “Witty Words” winners! I hope you enjoy your sweet treat. Please email me your full address at so I can mail you the gift card!

The rest of us will try our best not to be jealous and covet your winnings!

Until the next “Witty Words Contest,” stay tuned for more insightful insights! 🙂

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