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What in the World Wednesdays?

October 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday! We’re in the middle of a busy but great week! Looking forward to the weekend—one of the “bestest” sisters in the world is coming to visit!  In the meantime, some links for your Wednesday . . .

    • If you thought last week’s Caramel Apples were precious, wait until you see these Acorn Kisses! I have no creativity in the kitchen, so I am utterly amazed at the yummy goodness others whip together! Somebody make these and let us all know how they turn out!
    • Writer and speaker, Marla Taviano, has been giving challenging advice and encouragement all month long on “31 Days of Purging.” I love her Day #3 post on reasons why we all should purge. I appreciate her candor and transparency as she writes. Catch up on all 19 days so far on her website,
    • If you are a creative person, this post is helpful to decide 3 important questions about the purpose, the audience, and the medium of your work. This is a great article for bloggers, too. It may help you as you define your blog as you think about your purpose in blogging and how much to share with your audience. For me personally, “Witty Words” is my professional blog, so you may find a few personal stories but not detailed descriptions of my daily family life. Others put it all out there. Whatever your creative path, this post  helps define your way.
    • Do you have a strong-willed child? I do!! She comes in a blonde hair, blue eyed body of a 3 year old. And she pretty much thinks she rules the world, or at least this household. Heather Riggleman shares that raising
      strong-willed children is like raising an army of toddlers. But she brings the focus back to the purpose God has given us in parenting. A much needed reminder for me! Be inspired by reading it here.
    • I’m not very tech-savvy, but has displayed the best “Smartphone Apps for Moms.” From shopping to couponing to budgeting to recipes to finding the closest toilet around town (yes, seriously!), you’ll find it all here—and some of them are free, too!

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