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What in the World Wednesday?

January 18, 2012

Is it Wednesday again? Time to share my favorite finds of the week! Drum roll please …

    • Some of biggest and best lessons I’ve learned have come from those older and much wiser than me. My 85-year-old grandfather who still goes to work every day is probably one of the most influential in my life. Basic lessons about life, love, work, and family are held in the minds and hearts of the older generation that had to work hard to get anything and everything. That’s probably why I was drawn to this study by a gerontologist who studied the “elders” of our society on the 10 Lessons for Living. This was posted in December, but it’s a valuable read!
    • If you know me, you know I was raised a “Yankee” and do not have the charm and etiquette of a “Southern Belle” (as some of my friends do). So this find is a helpful for me! Maralee McKee is the etiquette guru … check out her site, Manners Mentor, for tips on texting etiquette, tipping etiquette, and even adoption etiquette—plus so much more! This Yankee is going to brush up on some etiquette, for sure!
    • Forget the year of the dragon or rabbit or rat or whatever Chinese year it is, because it must be the year of organizing! Last week in WWW I mentioned how everyone and their sister is meal planning. Now I’ve discovered the ultimate organization website: “Organize the Whole Shebang.” It has “The Smart Woman’s Pocket Guide to It All” to organizing everything (and I mean everything!), and it is even available for digital download.
    • Are you looking for ways that your family can serve others in the community? Or do you want to teach your children to be grateful because we all are very fortunate just to have basic necessities like food, water, clothes, and shelter? Perhaps you are looking for simple ways to teach young preschoolers about loving others because God loves us. This great post is “100+ Ways for Your Family to Make a Difference.” Simple yet profound suggestions. There are 109 in the list, plus many more ideas in the “comments.” How will your family make a difference this year?
  • There are lots of serious posts this week, so I wanted to end with—what else?—food! I printed this recipe several months ago, but finally am going to try it next week (’cause I did my meal planning for the next two weeks!). These “Chicken Pillows” sound heavenly and look just as yummy. I’m pretty sure my family is gonna love ‘em!
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  1. January 18, 2012 1:27 pm

    THANK YOU for including my site + my [smart woman’s pocket guide to doing it all]!
    ps my site is offically ‘organize the whole shebang’… she had a lil’ work done 😉 but typepad doesn’t allow you to change the original url w/out losing everything~

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