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What in the World Wednesday?

June 6, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday and my favorite
links of the week!

“50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids” @ No Time for Flash Cards

First of all, don’t you love the name of this website? It’s a great site to find learning activities, crafts, and so much more for babies, toddlers, and kids. Check out this link to find fun things to do together with your kiddos this summer, and then check out more of their posts for other great ideas!

“Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love” @ The NY Times

Justin Bieber has 22.6 million Twitter followers; Katy Perry has 20 million. However, Christian leaders like Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado, and Andy Stanley are more influential on Twitter. Perhaps due to their inspirational messages? Some say Twitter is successful because it can give spiritual support in short messages. What do you think? Read the link to learn more.

“Do You Really Need More Self-Esteem?” @ Desiring Virtue

Most women struggle with self-esteem; however, if we believe our esteem lies in our “self,” we are deceived. This is an intriguing and powerful post that all women must read about the true source of your identity.

“Dangerous Ground” @ Julie K. Gillies

Another great post for women about how comparing ourselves to others does many things—but none of it is good for us!

“Summer Time Bucket List” @ Kids Activities Blog

If you need 50 more activities to look forward to with your family this summer, this blog has it! Click to see 50 fun activities your kids will love—each one with a link to more info, directions on how to play, or recipes on how to make it. Great blog, great post!

“Get Your Grill On” @ The Girl Who Ate Everything

It’s June, so it’s time to roll out the grill and get it ready for some summer grilling. This post gives a few tips about grilling and some great grilled recipes.

What are your favorite links of the week?
Share them with me!

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  1. June 6, 2012 11:36 am

    Thank you for sharing Becky’s post on Self-Esteem!


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