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What in the World Wednesday?

June 13, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday and my favorite
links of the week!

“Daddy Land Father’s Day Game” @ Celebrate Every Day with Me

This sounds like the most fun idea to do for father’s day—making a life-sized gameboard of Candy Land to play with Daddy! Check it out!

“A Newsworthy Gift” @ Darling Doodles

If you’re looking for a simple but useful gift for Daddy on Father’s Day, consider this idea.

“5 Ways to Encourage Young Homemakers” @ Roo

When I cook or bake with my daughters, I usually have to pray for extra patience and expect flour to spill or an egg to crack on the floor. But here’s some tips for encouraging your little kitchen helper.

“4 Tips to Lasting Happiness” @ Marcy Kennedy

Who doesn’t want to be happy? These are four tips to create happiness in your life. (Spoiler alert: force yourself to smile!)

“Mom, I’m Bored Activity Cards” @ The Happy Housewife

Last week I linked to several blogs with fun activities for kids this summer. (If you missed last week’s WWW, click here.) This is a creative spin on finding activities for your kiddos—with a free printable download!

“Summer Survival Calendar” @ The Confident Mom

If you need more than a glass jar and paper (see above), then check out this ultra-organized calendar with over 100 activities, crafts, recipes, and more. It’s an instant download and very inexpensive!

“Pina Colada Floats” @ Cooking Classy

Root beer floats are one of our family’s favorite, but these refreshing floats sound de-licious! This non-alcoholic mixture of pineapple sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and coconut will make you believe you are enjoying a summer day in the tropics!

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