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What in the World Wednesday?

July 11, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday and my favorite
links of the week!

What Every Husband Should Know About
Stay-at-Home Moms @ Desiring God

Husbands, this one is for you! This is a great description of the inner and outer chaos that moms deals with because of the amount of work they put in—and how you can encourage your wife. And truly, every mom, whether working outside the home or part time or within the home,
deals with these issues!

Ideas for Mason Jars @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam

I’m sooo not crafty, but this post caught my eye because of all the cool ideas of how to use mason jars—50 ideas, in fact—from flower vases
to candles to dessert cups!

Sidewalk Chalk @ Her View from Home

Need a fun idea to do with the kids outside this summer?
Make sidewalk chalk!

50 Ways to be Frugal @ Kids Activities Blog

This is from several years ago, but we all need reminders about spending wisely all year long. I like how the tips are broken down: General, Grocery, Household, Personal, and Entertainment.

Better Than Anything Cake @ Chef in Training

Once you see the picture of this cake, you’ll know the name of it doesn’t
lie—better than anything!

Teaching Big Words to Little Hearts @ When You Rise

Teaching the concept of “faith” to our little ones can be difficult! These simple activities can help you teach big lessons to little hearts.

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