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What in the World Wednesday?

August 22, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday and my favorite
links of the week!

“5 Secrets to Stop the Entitlement Epidemic” @ Today Moms

Whining, getting everything they want, expecting everything to be done for them—at times my kids are just as guilty of these things, as most American kids these days. This is a great article on how to curb the entitlement epidemic—and it starts at home!

“Graduation Gift of the Day” @ The Daily What

It’s back to school time, so you are probably confused by the “Graduation Gift” link. But click and see—this is an awesome idea for your child that you can start when he or she is in kindergarten. I’m definitely doing this for both of my girls—shh! Don’t tell!

“Praying for Your Children” @ ParentLife

My kids had their first day of school this week. My prayers have intensified as I send them out each day! ParentLife Magazine offers a free downloadable prayer chart for parents that includes a biblical trait, a Scripture verse, and a prayer for each letter of the alphabet.

“10 Ways to be a Happier Mom” @ A Holy Experience

When I read anything by Ann Voskamp, I feel so much more at peace. I love this post about how to be happier. I needed to hear #1:
Life is a gift. Just. Slow. Down.

“31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects” @ Buzz Feed

I am not whatsoever crafty. But with the emergence of Pinterest, even I have ventured out of my non-craftiness to pull off a DIY. This list of 31 DIY projects is fun to glance through—and even try! My favorites are #18 and #29. What are yours?

“Southwestern Quinoa Salad” @ Frolic Through Life

I fell in love with quinoa this summer. This recipe gives quinoa a southwestern flair—yum!

“30 Popsicle Recipes” @ My Blessed Life

Summer may be nearing an end as schools get back in session, but the high temps and humidity are definitely not, at least for us in SW Florida! These popsicle recipes can be a healthy and delicious treat on a hot day!

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