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My To-Do List

October 5, 2012

Dear Lord,

What a great day! I accomplished everything on my to-do list! Thank you for the strength to get everything done!

Of course, My Child. I have all the strength you need.

Yes, Lord, You do! I feel so accomplished when I conquer my to-do list in Your strength! I made my deadline for the magazine article, I got the laundry done; I even got those stains out from the girls playing at the park. I did my menu-planning and grocery shopping for the week. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. Picked the kids up from school. Cooked dinner. Took my oldest to soccer practice. I even read the girls’ favorite book before bedtime. Wow, I wish every day were like today!

Good, My Child. But let Me ask you this … did you spend quiet time with Me before your day?

No, but I meant to! I accidentally pushed my snooze—again. Then I just needed to get the day started. I had a lot to do!

Did you pray before you wrote your article?

Pray? Well, no, not really. I’d been thinking about it for a while and finally got inspired about the approach to take. I just wanted to make my deadline.

I see. Did you have a thankful heart as you worked on the laundry? That you and everyone in your home have more than enough clothing to wear? Did you pray for those who are not as fortunate?

No, I didn’t. Actually, I complained that I never have anything to wear. I wear the same t-shirt every week!

Oh … is that a problem?

No … I guess not.

When you were grocery shopping, did you stop to take time with the homeless man in the parking lot? Did you talk to him? Pray with him? Give him some granola bars for food?

Umm, no. I drove around to the other row to park to avoid him. Those people are such a bother, Lord! They probably would just spend any money I give him on cigarettes or alcohol!

What about the granola bars?

What granola bars, Lord?

The ones you got “buy one get one free”? Do you need four boxes? Perhaps the homeless man was hungry and needed energy for the day.

I … I could have given him something to eat. I could have at least spared a box of granola bars.

What did you do while you cleaned the bathroom and kitchen?

What? Well, I cleaned! You know, scrubbed the sinks, the toilets, refilled the toilet paper.

Did you pray? Pray for those who don’t have running water or indoor plumbing? Did you pray for your family, your friends? Did you listen to worship music while you worked? Were your thoughts on Me?

No! They were on why nobody in the house can see the mound of toothpaste in the sink? Can’t they just rinse it off after they brush their teeth? I mean, come on! I’m not the maid!

So you begrudgingly serve your family?

No. I mean … no … not really …

What about at soccer practice? Did you talk to the mom who had tears in her eyes?

What mom? I didn’t see anybody crying.

Were you looking?

Uh, not really. I was playing on my tablet. It’s the only hour I get to read Facebook and Google Reader!

Her husband left her.


With three kids, a large mortgage, and no income.

Oh my … I feel so bad.

I had prepared her heart to talk to you. She needed someone to encourage her, to point her to Me, to invite her to church. Her heart was ready.

Ohhh, I didn’t know.

Did you read My Word to the kids before bed?

The Bible? Um, no, we always seem to run out of time.

For My Word?

Well, I know we should, but I wanted the kids to get to bed on time, and they always play around getting their PJs on, and then they like to read a Fancy Nancy book.

My Word teaches. My Word is Living Water. My Word is Life.

I know, I know … forgive me … again.

My Child, you had a productive day. You really did. All the things were checked off your list. But it was your to-do list, not Mine. My to-do list for you is about praying, being thankful for your blessings, reaching out to others in need, teaching your children My Word, spending time in My Presence. That is my to-do list.

Lord, forgive me. Forgive me.

Child, I love you. When will you learn to stop, slow down, look to Me, and join Me in what I want to accomplish through you? Come to Me, and I will give you My daily to-do list.

“I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” (John 17:4)

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©2011- 2012 Christi McGuire. All Rights Reserved.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 5, 2012 8:15 pm

    Beautiful, Christi
    Oh, Lord forgive me too when I get to busy to thank You
    God Bless

  2. October 5, 2012 10:28 pm

    Ouch. That hit home in more ways than one! Love how you presented an important message in a very real and honest way!

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