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Beauty in Brokenness: The World Breaks Everyone

March 4, 2014

Adelle Gabrielson

The World Breaks Everyone

“The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.”

~Ernest Hemingway

They say that after a bone is broken, when it heals, it is stronger at the site of the break.

When Gabe is making things form wood out in the garage, he’s told me before that the joints held together by glue are stronger than the wood itself. The wood will break before the joint will.

We all break. This world, it will break us. Hell happens here on earth and it happens every day. We will be disappointed. We will suffer. We will all know grief.

And yet…

When healing happens, when we allow the healing to happen, the seam that remains can become our source of strength.

We so often try to hide these seams, these cracks in our armor. We see them as flaws, and hide, trying to masquerade behind a facade that…

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